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1) What does COSHH stand for?
2) What driving licence is required to become a MOT Tester ?
3) What would happen if the interior light wiring were shorted out to earth?
4) Where would you find specific information concerning MOT Testing?
5) What is the voltage between the battery earth and the chassis ?
6) What does excessive negative camber allow a vehicle to do?
7) A Nissan Navara with a crew cab weighs 3010 kg - what is the MOT testing class?
8) A pulse generator is most commonly found in:
9) Which internal component of an alternator would cause the battery to overcharge if it was faulty?
10) In ohms law what would happen to volts if amps were increased?
11) When checking the front suspension of a vehicle, how many lifting points are there?
12) The front tyres are wearing on the outer edge. What is the probable cause ?
13) Why would the top of a wheel be leaning in?
14) What would normally happen if a direct injection diesel had a fuel leak ?
15) Why should you take care when working on keyless entry hybrid vehicles?
16) What is a hazard as defined in Health and Safety?
17) How many years’ experience is required to become a MOT Tester?
18) How is braking efficiency calculated?
19) What is the minimum tyre tread allowable for a class V vehicle?
20) How much damage is allowed in zone a of a windscreen

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