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1) A Goods vehicle weighing 3100 KG must be tested
2) Which of the following is exempt from being MOT tested
3) An ambulance with 7 seats is which test class:
4) A list of Nominated testers  - the poster displayed on the MOT notice board listing those people approved to carry out tests at the VTS is called
5) AE’s must have a copy of the NT security cards passwords available at all times;
6) If an AE get penalty points on their drivers licence they must inform VOSA
7) Within the test certificate Which of the following does not relate to the condition of testable items at the time of the test and should not be regarded as:
8) Class 4A tests may only be carried out at a Class 5 test station
9) During a MOT test is the dismantling of parts of the vehicle sometimes required
10) In the event of a breach of VTS security any los damage or theft of blank ET certificate the AE must take several actions which one is not correct?

In what year where checks for rear fog, hazard warning lights and number plates introduced

12) The process where minor defects may be rectified within one hour after the test but before recording the results on the vts device is called
13) What sections of the Road traffic act provide the legislative basis for MOT testing
14) VOSA must give the AE 24 hours notice before any random spot check/ visit
15) Authorised Examiners section 6 B talks about reporting faulty equipment that needs mandatory calibration to VOSA. There are 2 exceptions;

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