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1) Which characters identify manufacturer, engine size and type on a vehicle VIN?
2) A flag indicates the pre tensioner has been activated on the front passenger seat belt. Do you?
3) A 1999 dual fuel vehicle is presented for test running on LPG. The correct emissions test for this vehicle would be a basic emission test?
4) What would you do if a vehicle has a slight exhaust leak from a joint or connection?
5) Class 4 passenger vehicles with no more than 8 seats first used on October 2009 have a legal requirement that it must have:
6) Which of the following is part of the light vehicle MOT inspection?
7) During an MOT the presence of any oil seepage on a shock absorber is a reason for failure?
8) You are testing a 600cc tricycle with a unladen weight of 350kg. What is its minimum allowable tread depth?
9) While testing a four-door saloon you find that the offside rear door will not open using the outside handle. It opens from the inside handle and this enables you gain access and test the seats and belts etc. The car was registered in 2006, you should?
10) A class 4 vehicle is fitted with tyres that have an inadequate speed rating. This would be a reason for rejection?
11) What class is a motor tricycle with a ULW of 550kg?
12) Responsibility for checking the condition of the MOT test equipment sits with ?
13) You are testing a 1999 turbo diesel vehicle with two exhaust mountings missing, do you?
14) The MOT testing Manual states that:
15) Directional indicators should flash?
16) Which of the following is a reason for rejecting a braking system?
17) The minimum parking brake efficiency to pass an mot on a vehicle with a split braking system is:
18) The presenter requires written confirmation that a vehicle has been refused a test., which form is used?
19) When checking a windscreen, Zone A is defined as:
20) While testing a 2007 four-door car you can find that the steering lock mechanism does not engage to lock the steering when the ignition key is removed and the steering is turned in either direction.
21) What characteristics do dual-purpose vehicles have?

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