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We specialise in delivering the new Award in MOT Testing (class 4 & 7) (formerly the VOSA mandatory NTT 3 day course) in a 3-day training course (includes some e learning prior to attending)

Once you have passed this “Award in MOT Testing” you will be able to attend your stage 3 VT8 course to be signed off as a Nominated Tester.

What’s included in the Award in MOT Testing Stage 2 Learning?

Prior to attending our training centre learners will need to complete units 1, 2 & 3 at home through our e learning platform. Candidates will need to print off certificates as evidence that they have passed the e-learning tests before they can attend the practical training for unit 4 & 5 at our training centre

Unit 1 – Safe working practices in the vehicle test centre (e learning)

This unit enables the learner to develop an understanding of the importance of good housekeeping and health and safety in the vehicle test centre. It will provide an understanding of significant risks and how to identify and minimise them. Learning outcomes include:

  • Understand the requirements relating to health & safety and good housekeeping in a vehicle test centre
  • Understand personal responsibilities within the vehicle test centre
  • Identify a range of tyres including run flat/DOR/radial/crossply
  • Be able to work safety within the vehicle test centre

Unit 2 – Working Relationships within the vehicle test centre (e learning)

This unit enable the learner to understand and apply their knowledge of effective communication and building good working relationships with colleagues and customers. Learning outcomes to include:

  • Understand how to communicate within the vehicle test centre
  • Understand the rights of vehicle presenters relating to vehicle testing
  • Be able to communicate effectively with others within the test centre

Unit 3 – Managing own professional development as a vehicle tester (e learning)

This unit is around an individual understanding the need and methods of how to keep their technical skills and knowledge up to date. This unit will enable the learner to develop and monitor a personal development plan learning outcomes to include.

  • Understand the official published requirements for Continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Know how to manage their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Unit 4 – Carry out pre test checks for a vehicle test (workshop and classroom based)

This unit enables the learner to carry out the necessary preparatory checks on a vehicle to ensure that a valid vehicle test can take place.

  • Know if the facilities are suitable to test the presented vehicle
  • Be able to check the vehicle is able to be tested and identify systems to be tested
  • Be able to access information required for vehicle testing

Unit 5 – Carry out a vehicle test (M1 + N1) (workshop and classroom based)

This unit provides the learner with the knowledge and skills required to carry out a vehicle test using prescribed methods and current published guidance.

  • Know testing methods and how to conduct a vehicle test
  • Be able to work safely when carrying out vehicle test
  • Be able to use suitable sources of information to carry out a vehicle test
  • Be able to use appropriate tools and equipment in relation to a vehicle test
  • Be able to carry out the test in accordance with the guidance for class 4 & 7 (M1 + N1)
  • Be able to record the information relating to the vehicle test

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